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CarboClix is the hottest Pro Photo Pop-Up Studio in Boston. We make it easy, we come to your office with our pop-up studio. Our photographers are highly trained in creating business

headshots that are eye catching, authentic and sophisticated. 

The Basic session is geared to those that need only one look/headshot for their business, LinkedIn or social media use. We take pride in creating sessions that are profes...
The Basic Session


Hi! I'm Nancy Carbonaro, the creator of CarboClix, the exciting Pro-Photo Pop-Up Studio. With over 20 years of building trust and creating provocative

images, I am proud to say that we are bringing our services directly to you at your office! 

Did you know that viewers are 20% more likely to look at your bio/LinkedIn/social media site if you have an image of yourself? Headshots are a powerful tool not to be taken lightly. And, not all headshots are created equal. At CarboClix, we create a look that represents YOU. Whether you're a CEO or an artist, you'll walk away with a headshot that will capture everyone's attention. 


Carbo Clix​

Tel: 617-800-9143

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